Email integration

Save time looking through your inbox and use the CRM as your email client.

You no longer have to search through your inbox looking for emails you have sent to or received. The CRM automatically logs relevant emails from your inbox. All your emails will be logged on the each contacts timeline and made searchable directly in the CRM. Spam is avoided since only emails without relevance to the CRM are imported.

When you send emails directly from the timeline you will be able to track if and when your emails have been viewed by the contact.


Smart email logging

The automated logging prevents the loss of important emails. Emails only appear where they are needed and free's up you time in the process.

Email tracking

All emails sent through the CRM will be tracked, so you know which contacts might be interested and pick the right time to reach out.

Available to all emails

Our smart email logging system works for all emails no matter where your email address is hosted. As simple as plug and play.