CRM made simple

Organize, communicate, sell.


Grow your business with less effort and better results.

Choosing the right strategy for your business is key to creating great results for you and your customers. It all starts with choosing the right CRM.

Close more deals with less effort.

Customize your sales process to fit your needs and keep track of your performance at a glance.

Organize all your activities.

Stay updated with meetings, calls, emails and view whos done what and what to do next.

Know your teams performance

live metrics let's you know what's currently going on in your business and help you stay on track.


A CRM that grows with your business

Great achievement begin with a single idea. Wherever you are in the process, we got your covered. We strive to improve and develop tools sales people love to use. Making complicated things uncomplicated, is our highest priority.


We help you focus on what matters

Easy access to all relevant data, metrics and activities for you and your team.

What can salesdesk CRM do for my business?

salesdesk CRM is a communication, planning and sales platform for your business. With the CRM you are able to create and monitor all your activties in one place. Gain control of your business by putting your collective knowledge together and share valuable information.

Get to know the CRM better

The best way to get familiar with salesdesk CRM is to try it out. Registering and account can be done by clicking the button below. It will only take a second and you get to keep your credit card in your pocket.