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The timeline makes it easy to get status quo on any subject and know what action to take next.

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Pipeline & deals

Customize your pipeline to fit your needs and keep track of you sales performance with easy.

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Reports & metrics

Reports keeps you up-to-date with whats currently going on in your business and help you stay on track.

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Email integration

Save time looking through your inbox and let the CRM do the work for you with smart logging.

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Orders & products

The CRM comes with a intergrated order-system. Creating proposals and sending them to prospects takes just seconds.

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Use the CRM as a communication platform for your team and get more time on your hands by bringing your communications together in one place.

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Custom fields

Decide what data you need to store by creating an unlimited amount of custom fields for your customers, contacts and deals.

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File manager

The CRM comes with a build-in file manager that allows you to store customer related files, private and shared folders.

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Views: calendar, timeline and list

Browse all your planned and completed activities in either vertical timeline, calendar view or in list format.

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