Terms and conditions

1. Changes in terms and conditions

1.1 Changes regarding your account. Change on this page may change over time due to further development of the applications inside the CRM or changes on your account on salesdesk. You will be notified of any changes in the terms and conditions that might affect your account or needs your approval.

2. Privacy policy

2.1 Your personal information. All information that you submit to you account and CRM will be kept private to your account. Only official infomation about you in the CRM will be visible to confirmed user of your CRM account.

2.2 Your Contact infomation. None of your contact information or contact information of other users in your CRM account will be shared with third-parties by salesdesk. We have a strick policy of keeping your information secure.

3. Subscription and payments

3.1 Creating an account. When you create an account you will get 14 days to try the all included CRM. After the 14 days period has ended you will have the choice to continue with the free version or continue with the paid version.

3.2 Payments. If you have chosen the paid version you will pay minimum one month ahead for you account depending on your choice of billing settings. 

3.3 Additional billing on added upgrades whithin a allready paid period. If you add users or other services to your CRM account between to billing periods the additional cost will be billed separately until next payment date. 

3.4 Canceling/deactivating account. You can at any time cancel your account. From the time you make cacelation you wont be charged with further payments in the furure unless reactivation of your account occur.

3.5 Overdue payments. You will be reminded of overdue payments of your subscription by email and on your CRM account. Overdue payments for longer periods of time will result in freezing of your CRM account until payments has been made.

4. Free account

4.1 Features and limitations. If you have chosen to use the free CRM you will have access to many of the tools salesdesk has to offer. The free CRM version does have some limitation. Intergration of external emails accounts will not be possible. Mass-email-sending will not be possible as well. Surtain other limitations will also occur due to risk of abusing free services. There are no limitation of how long you can use the free version and you can upgrade it to the all included CRM at any time.

4.2 Purpose of the free version. We like to show companies what they can expect from the salesdesk CRM before they buy it. Many companies have yet find out if a CRM is the right thing for their business. We want to help them find out about that without any string attached.

5. Content rights

5.1 Data. All data that you have submittet in your account is 100% owned by you and alway will be. The CRM allows you to export all of you data at any time.