The development of salesdesk began in the early 2015. It was originally designed as a simple way of storing business data and creating calling lists. A lot has happened since then. Today salesdesk aims to provide at versatile platform to our users, yet simple to use.

Our experience is that businesses want simple and intuitive software for their employees. And that's exactly what we are here for.

When you use the CRM you will see that everything is build around your customer. You can access almost every aspect of the CRM directly from the customers profile and timeline. It is important that all related actions can happen quickly and with only few clicks from where you are.

Salesdesk operates and serves companies worldwide. In the future we are going to translate the CRM to more languages and add more currencies if needed. We are currently based based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The timeline is the spine of the salesdesk CRM structure. This is where everything that affects the specific customer is stored and where you and other users will know the current status and progress of the given customer. It is important that everyone who works on a customer knows excactly when to make the right action at the right time.


The CRM cloud platform is made pissible by at team of hard working developers and idealist that everyday since the beginning of salesdesk have been trying to improve the CRM every way possible. Optimizing performance, security and accessibility are some of the key agendas in the daily routine of a developer.


If you have have at great idea or are missing a feature in the CRM don't hesitate to tell us about is. Our users knowledge means the world to us and continuously help us point the CRM's future in the right direction.